Withdrawn books.(καυσοξυλα) Nation and school history in Greece, 1858-2008. Presentation of the book Athanasiadis Thanks versions Alexandria. Kostas Therianos The book of Harris Athanasiadis deals with an original theme. It examines some of the textbooks were withdrawn from schools on reactions parties,(ξυλα για τζακι) institutions, non-institutional actors etc. The withdrawal of the books was not "scientific" reasons. Done reasons "political" and "ideological", which demonstrates the decades findings of sociologists of education: what is taught in school is not exclusively scientific product selection, but the school knowledge is socially selected and organized knowledge. The Athanasiadis material (τεντεςconsists of textbooks and history books were withdrawn along with a reading (the Gerostathi L.. Mela, which was used for 4 decades) not withdrawn, but is used in order to establish the theoretical hypothesis of this author that the textbooks welcomed or withdrawn depending on how meaning to the nation if the significations that make agrees or disagrees with the ruling of the era in which circulate. The first book that presents withdrawn Athanasiadis is the history book of St. Elementary, which was withdrawn in 2007. This is the book of M. Repousi, Ch. Andreadou, A. Poutachidis, A. Chiva criticized that the historical narrative adopted was insufficient to instill national consciousness in students. The author quoting the controversy developed, giving simultaneously an intelligible and (τεντες αθηναsimple key points of controversy historians on controversial points of history (eg attitude of the church in the revolution of 1821, whether or not the hidden school during the Ottoman domination etc. ). The analysis of the withdrawn Athanasiadis history book of St. Elementary closes with the presentation of the two positions of the opponents. Academic Michael Sakellariou and Pericles Nearchou. These two persons are the Athanasiadis bridge to get to the presentation / analysis withdrawn another textbook: the Roman and Medieval Kostas Summer History (1965). Opponents of the book of M. Repousi was 1965 supporters of the Summer book. This indicates that neither the stakes in every season is the same, nor the camps of opponents remain constant, neither school history (τεντεςand social context at rest. The school history is a "cold" knowledge, a corpus of knowledge and facts taught in schools. Recommends selecting events and presenting them in such a way that either agrees or disagrees with the dominant historical narrative and representations of the past of a particular situation. Between the book of Maria Repousi and this Kostas Summer, Athanasiadis insert presenting another history book, which is not caught up to go to schools: History book III Lyceum History of the modern and contemporary world which was written 12 historical under the supervision of the university George Kokkinos. Tensions on the book made by the Minister of Education of Cyprus in Greek counterpart and related to the presentation of the operation of the National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA). The controversial paragraph of the manual, which also(τεντες αθηνα caused the demand for the withdrawal were: "At the time of the Third World rocked by radical anti-colonial movements that gave priority not only in the national liberation and social progress, Cyprus EOKA Gen. Griva projected a socially ultraconservative nationalism". What bothered me the book critics in the presentation of EOKA, the textbook was the phrase "social ultra-conservative nationalism". Athanasiadis strives to present two historical "narratives" about the struggle of the Cypriots to throw off the British colonial yoke. The first narrative suggests that EOKA wrote the epic of Cypriot Hellenism and the second narrative highlighting the conservative position of this epic. The next book withdrawn presented is Costas Summer book, which we mentioned. The book was written in the reform of 1964 and brought the fire of criticism in the way of meaning the nation by replacing the title "Byzantine history" by "Medieval History". The phrase was that contrasts with the tripartite shape of Greek history, as formulated by Zambelios, Paparrigopoulos in Karolidis etc. according to which the Greek nation is moving from antiquity through Byzantine to reach the modern era. The book also criticized for using analytical categories of historical materialism in the presentation of historical analysis and development. Then Athanasiadis back in time, going back to the case of the withdrawal of the reading The High Mountains (reform of 1917) to close analysis of the presentation of the Mela Leo Gerostathi. The book was published in 1858 and was used as a primer for four decades. The "paradox" that says Athanasiadis is that Gerostathis disputed the Greek character of ancient Macedonia, not separated from the Byzantine Roman Empire and showed the Turks as a rather tolerant period in which the Greek religion and trained freely. Elements, namely, that if there were a current book may cause a storm, if we consider the recent reactions withdrawn textbooks. The case of(σχεδια για νυχια) Gerostathi is exactly that fully justifies the initial guess Athanasiadis that textbooks are ideological management of past ideological coordinates of each season. It can be noted as an omission book Lefteris Stavrianou human history, which was also withdrawn after  (νυχια γαλλικοprotests by reports of the hominids as ancestors of man and the adoption of the analytical category of imperialism to present the evolution of(ραδιοφωνο humanity after colonialism until the 20th century. We believe that the book Stavrianou retired in the early 90s, is the most characteristic sample policy - ideological(wedding photographer) intervention in textbooks. An analysis of Athanasiadis absent this recent textbook, which will also strengthen the initial theoretical ( μεταφορες μετακομισεις ) hypothesis that the textbook is affected by whether manages every time to agree or disagree with the prevailing at that time, μεσοθεραπεια dominant representation of the past. However, the omission does not diminish the value of his book Athanasiadis, (μετακομισεις αθηνα) because the material and the analysis of the(πονος στη μεση) remaining withdrawn books is excellent (χαρτοκιβωτια) and interesting.


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On Page x Off Page Imagine that you were delivering a curriculum for a company, it must contain their specialties (on-page) and their experiences (off-page). If you have only specialties with no experience, or vice versa, the more likely it is that you can not your

goal.(australian cigars)

So it is on the web, to achieve good results and fight for the first position (which is getting harder day) should achieve maximum on-page optimization and optimization of most off-page, to let our 'curriculum' rich, beat the competitors. There are other things that can be done to on page and off page optimization, but what I want here is a quality optimization so you can give good results in the medium term. Remember: It is better little optimization done well than most penalized. Good work and success! AFFAIRS SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ON PAGE OFF PAGE GUIASEO GUIDE TO SEOSEO Guide SEO Guide Starting »What is it? »Studies'MAI 10 Whether to use duplicate content? which influences? (Long Life)

4 yearsMAI 03 How to Write Ads Pay Per Click 4 yearsMAI 12 LINK BUILDING: importance of a good network of links and how to get them 4 yearsFEB 27 What is the difference between SEO On Page and Off Page SEO 3 yearsJUL 05 Share in social networks helps in SEO? 4 yearsJUL 07 What is the difference between robot, spider and crawler 4 yearsAGO 18 Working wi >>>>>>>>>>>>  (Long Life)

SEO - in practice - Part 1Understand details of SEO - Search Engine Optimization, the optimization process of the internet searchers. Douglas Newbie 03/10/2014 14:00 In this article, we will present good practices of SEO On-Page a front-end developer can use to improve the positioning of their creations in search engines. For this article is interesting that the reader has enjoyed the content of other articles I wrote on SEO, because talk of search engines and start the SEO content. If you want to know more about WHAT IS SEO, click here. Now if you have not read the articles on SEO - in theory, be sure to read Part 1, Part 2. We start with the details that must be observed to a site to be noticed by search engines.(How to meditate)

Title Tag - Securities Pages The HTML title tag is one of the most(best programming language to learn)  important attributes of a page for a good positioning of a website in search engines. In the following figure, the HTML code line for the title tag is used to poll results in the search engine Google. (coding for beginners)tagtitle Titles of the(learn to program)  pages in search results To set a title is interesting to note some details of good SEO practices. The title of a page must be created according to the contents thereof; not repeat the titles on different pages, each page should have its only title; Use a descriptive and concise message; never use vague titles like Home or Home for your homepage; not exceed 60 to 70 characters; use keywords in the title, but always in context.(how to learn programming

Avoid excesses, it may cause their results appear spam to Google; is relevant and avoid very short titles or clichés; choose a title you can put it in the content of your page and repeat it at most of heading tags, so both users and search engines will make sure that your site offers what was sought in the research. Description tag - Description of Pages The tag description - (Monogram Necklace)description of the page is a good attribute seen by search engines like Google. This is a great way to provide a concise and readable summary of the contents of each page for users of research. Also consider this feature as a marketing tool that can increase your organic traffic. In the following figure, the HTML code line for the description tag is used to search results on Google search engine. In the code I left just a sample text for the image is standardized.(plexus slim)

description tag Descriptions of the pages in search results To create descriptions of each page is interesting to note some details of good SEO practices. Be true to the content, (Best Android Phone for Battery Life)not try to trick search engines because this will result in problems in the future. Seekers will appreciate that, if the description of a page is weak, is why the content of this page is possibly weak for the search term; It is the ideal, but it is not absolutely necessary, (Galley Kitchens with Islands)   always use meta tag description.(Mindfulness meditation)

Google, for example, can indicate to the search user a more relevant description the term used, but this practice will depend on the quality of page content; the description shall be in 160-(Finishing an Unfinished Basement)  character limit, it will not show more than that the results of research; be appealing, look draw the user's attention. You may use Calls To Action; always use keywords in meta description, but remember that should appear naturally within the context of the description, without exaggeration.

Rich Snippets Rich Snippets are small extra information that Google's robot identifies the source code of a page and appear in search results on the SERP, highlighting the results show that information (Bed Bug – Everything You Need To Know)   from others. This information could include differences in various searches on Google. The use of Rich Snippets has grown, bringing changes in user behavior as regards the relationship of the same with the search results. (brooches australia)  Rich Snippets Google supports can be: Breadcrumbs; Events; Music; Organizations; People; Products; Recipes; (seo company) Ratings / Reviews; Comments; Software applications; Videos. The potential application of this feature is huge, as well as ease of implementation. Here's how the application of Snippet Breadcrumbs is simple and fast, just arrange the page code to the following structure.(fosfatidilserina

RichSnippets-SnippetBreadcrumbs Code Rich Snippets - Snippet Breadcrumbs With the wide variety of Rich Snippets available, the developer must assess what will be most advantageous to the page of the website that is being developed has a good position in the future. In the case of a single corporate site, for example, the use of breadcrumbs may be interesting, but the other features would be difficult to apply. However, for a site that has in its structure a blog or an online store the joint use of some of these features can be extremely profitable. Google encourages the use of these resources and one of the most used plugins is one in which the image of the page author is left of the result.

This photo is taken across the page author's profile on Google's social network, Google+. An example of the application for the search "Angry Bird", where the first result not apply and the second yes. Search results "Angry Bird" with a plugin Rich Snippets. Search results "Angry Birds" with a plugin Rich Snippets. For developers using CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla, the application of Rich Snippets is extremely simple with the use of plugins and extensions used by each platform. Not focus of this article deal with examples of the kind, but the reader can research the plethora of plugins available on the internet. CMS's are applications created in order to publish and manipulate content, providing(cool math games run) the user the ability to implement features for web applications easily, quickly and flexibly.(Deep Patel)

Studies indicate that having a photo next to the result of the research page yields to 30% more visits than the results without photo, today you can be sure of that differential verifying that increasingly results appear with photos or other Rich Snippets. To have this feature requires that the author have a Google+ account, and link your profile on the social network with the site you want.μεταφορες μετακομισεις

It is very important to mention that Google benefits page of interaction with social networks as one of the placement criteria. Friendly URLs Seekers understand that a good URL structure should be as simple as possible. (serrurier Paris)The use of long identification codes must give way to readable and relevant words to the content contained on the page. An example given by Google is to create a URL like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization. But still, it ideal for subjects with more than one word is to use dashes instead of underscores, for example https://www.oficinadanet.com.br/post/13131-o-que-e-seo. The best solution is possible when using a resource that the web server "Apache" offers, the mod_rewrite module, using the .htaccess file in the root folder of the developed website. It is worth delving into the subject.(μετακομισεις αθηνα)